C4E Technologies Expertise Automated Control Systems


Specialized in the integration of industrial programmable logic controllers (PLCs), we study, design, program, integrate and commission industrial PLCs to control sites requiring such automation, especially power generating sites.
We particularly integrate PLCs from SCHNEIDER, SIEMENS, TREND, SOFREL and OMRON.

C4E Technologies Expertise Régulation


We develop regulating programs with different degrees of complexity taking into account all the needs of our clients.
We bring to you our expertise in a field that is essential to create installations requiring optimal energy efficiency.

C4E Technologies Expertise Supervision


We offer industrial supervision software. It provides computerised monitoring and control for operators to provide optimised supervision of their installations.
We develop Centralised Technical management systems in harmony with the technical and budgetary needs of our clients.
These supervision systems are developed using multi-branded software.

C4E Technologies Expertise Gas and Fire Detection


We install and manage the maintenance of gas and fire detection systems.
We install gas detector control units and sensors (OLDHAM) and inspect all types of gas detection systems, irrespective of the brand or the type of gas (explosive or toxic).
We install ESSER brand Fire Alarm Systems and can inspect all types of systems.